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Why Garden City Dance? THE GCD Difference

Principal's Welcome

Garden City Dance (Toowoomba) is - by design - a smaller, friendlier and more professional dance school. We offer an exceptional level of technical and holistic dance training (you can read all about my teaching credentials here) within the context of a warm, supportive and closely-knit dance community.

I've run dance studios - generally very large ones - for around 25 years now, and I've come to believe that, with the emergence of the modern "dance factory", we're fast losing many of the benefits that theatrical dance training has to offer our children.

You can't, of course, be all things to all people, and, within a large studio, it can be especially difficult to develop the close student-teacher bonds and supportive "community" that students thrive on, and to provide the level of individual interaction that I believe is at the very heart of good tuition.

Indeed, within larger studios, it's common for the majority of students to take most - or all - of their classes under the guidance of junior teachers. In contrast, our boutique model allows me, personally, to teach each and every one of our students, to communicate with families more freely and openly, to manage the studios more professionally, and to deliver a higher standard of tuition. And you'll perhaps be surprised to find that our tuition fees are much the same as - or quite possibly less than - you'll pay at other local studios.

At Garden City Dance, we aim to attract and nurture a community of students and their families who share similar attitudes and expectations about their dance training. By adhering to a strong vision and set of values, rather than trying to offer something for everyone, we are better able to nurture each of our dancers as individuals, to direct our professional skills to those areas where they'll do the most good, and to foster a closely-knit, friendly and supportive dance community within which our children can share, learn, and love what they do.

We believe...

I hope that you will join us. Please contact me now to discuss your child's enrolment at Garden City Dance.