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Why Garden City Dance? THE GCD Difference

  • an unrivalled standard of training for your child, both technically and holistically. All students are taught by our Principal, NOT by junior teachers;
  • an individual focus, with considerably smaller classes than rival studios;
  • a safe, friendly and supportive “dance community”;
  • classes for 3 years to advanced students;
  • private coaching;
  • performance work – all students have the opportunity to perform in our annual production and students from 7 have the opportunity to also perform in eisteddfods and community events;
  • a “family-friendly” approach – with professional organisation and open and participative communication;
  • a very reasonable fee structure (much the same as – or even less than – other local studios).

Principal's Welcome

Garden City Dance (Toowoomba) is - by design - a smaller, friendlier and more professional dance school. We offer an exceptional level of technical and holistic dance training within the context of a warm, supportive and closely-knit dance community.

I've run dance studios - generally very large ones - for a little under 30 years, and I've come to believe that, with the emergence of the modern "dance factory", we're fast losing many of the benefits that theatrical dance training has to offer our children.

You can't, of course, be all things to all people, and, within a large studio, it can be especially difficult to develop the close student-teacher bonds and supportive "community" that students thrive on, and to provide the level of individual interaction that I believe is at the very heart of good tuition.

Indeed, within larger studios, it's common for the majority of students to take most - or all - of their classes under the guidance of junior teachers. In contrast, our boutique model allows me, personally, to teach each and every one of our students, to communicate with families more freely and openly, to manage the studios more professionally, and to deliver a higher standard of tuition. And you'll perhaps be surprised to find that our tuition fees are much the same as - or quite possibly less than - you'll pay at other local studios.

At Garden City Dance, we aim to attract and nurture a community of students and their families who share similar attitudes and expectations about their dance training. By adhering to a strong vision and set of values, rather than trying to offer something for everyone, we are better able to nurture each of our dancers as individuals, to direct our professional skills to those areas where they'll do the most good, and to foster a closely-knit, friendly and supportive dance community within which our children can share, learn, and love what they do.

We believe...

  • that the right dance training can contribute greatly to a child's development in ways that extend well beyond simply "learning to dance" and the obvious physical benefits such as fitness, flexibility, strength, carriage and co-ordination. The right dance training also instills self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect, a musical and artistic sensibility, and numerous social benefits;
  • that many of these benefits (and a good deal of the joy of dance) are best realised through committed effort and a long term focus. We believe that our children generally benefit most by being encouraged to do their best and supported in their best efforts;
  • that classical ballet underpins much of what dance has to offer, and provides the technical foundation for the majority of dance styles;
  • that teaching methods should be progressive, positive and supportive, and that students thrive both on individual attention, and from belonging to smaller, supportive groups within which they feel secure and confident;
  • that competition and performance work can be a valuable component of a dance education - and can be a truly joyful experience. Competitive results can, at times, provide motivation and help to gauge a student's progress, but are, of course, subjective - and certainly shouldn't be seen as a goal unto themselves;

I hope that you will join us. Please contact me now to discuss your child's enrolment at Garden City Dance.

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Garden City Dance, Toowoomba - Principal Jacqueline Hoole

At Garden City Dance, our Principal personally teaches all classes (this is very different to many schools where the Principal actually teaches very few classes, and where most children are taught almost exclusively by junior teachers).

About Jacqueline

Jacqui Hoole (nee Manditch) is one of the dance industry’s most accomplished practitioners. She is an R.A.D. qualified classical ballet teacher with over 30 years teaching experience – the majority of which have been spent operating her own studios. She trained to the level of Royal Academy of Dance “Solo Seal” with Tessa Maunder O.A.M. in Newcastle, and at Halliday’s (Sydney) and The National Theatre Ballet School (Melbourne).

Jacqui has taught some of Australia’s top dancers, including Olivia Bell (long-time Principal, Australian Ballet Company, 2007-2013), Renee Wright and Rachel Read (both former soloists, Australian Ballet Company), and Ella Havelka, former Bangarra dancer and Australia’s first indigenous dancer to gain entry to the Australian Ballet Company. Her former students have danced with Australia’s leading companies – including The Australian, Queensland and Western Australian Ballet Companies, The Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, and several major International Ballet Companies.

Jacqui has trained numerous students for admission into the country’s best known vocational finishing schools, including The Australian Ballet School, W.A.A.P.A., Brent Street Studios, Tanya Pearson/ Ballet Theatre Australia, Ev & Bow, McDonald College, Allegria Ballet Studios, and others – and to a number of prestigious International colleges, including New York’s Joffrey Ballet School.

Many of Jacqui’s students are currently working very successfully within the performing arts – as professional dancers/ choreographers, dance teachers, models, actors and actresses. A few relatively recent students of popular contemporary note include dancer/ actress/ model Kirsty Lee Allan (well known for her role as Able Seaman Rebecca “Bomber” Brown from Sea Patrol), dancer/ choreographer/ model Kyle Davey, dancer/ choreographer Joe Simons, and teacher/ dancer/ choreographer Jamie Astley (whose teaching credits include The Sydney Dance Company) – and there are many more. Very few dance teachers are able to claim such an impressive list of student accomplishments!

The vast majority of Jacqui’s students, of course, do not aspire to a career within the performing arts, and her focus is clearly upon helping each dancer, regardless of vocational aspiration or current level of achievement, to love their dancing and to realise their individual potential.

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