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Garden City Dance Petites Ballet

PETITES (3-7yrs)

Our very popular Petites programme has a reputation for being a fun and engaging, well structured introduction to dance for those children who are ready to be in class by themselves. Petites will develop a knowledge of creative movement and basic ballet techniques, and learn to follow direction, develop musical appreciation, co-ordination and rhythm and to work together with partners and as a group. Petites do not take part in exams or competition but are very excited to take part in our beautiful end of year concert. Parents and caregivers are also invited to watch our Petites in class during our Open Week at the end of Term 2.

Garden City Dance RAD Classical Ballet


Students now progress to the more formal and traditional classical ballet class and cement the foundations laid in our formative programmes. Designed for students with some dance experience (and/or sufficient aptitude to be able to work well within the group) students are professionally taught according to the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The R.A.D. is one of the largest and most influential dance organisations worldwide, and offer, we believe, one of the most technically developed classical ballet programmes available.

Please note that classical ballet tuition is a profession that requires many years of specialist training to be performed competently. Unfortunately, as dance becomes more popular, there appear to be an increasing number of inexperienced and unqualified individuals professing to teach ballet. I urge parents considering ballet training for their child to verify the specific ballet teaching qualifications and accreditations – I personally believe very strongly that a background in other children’s activities – or even in other styles of dance – offer little in the way of credentials to teach ballet.

Students in our classical ballet programme attend one compulsory graded ballet class at their appropriate level, or preferably two ballet classes with the option of examination. Students now also have the opportunity to take an additional jazz and/or contemporary class and, by invitation only, be a part of our highly regarded performance teams (see below for details).

Jazz/ Contemporary Dance Classes


This diverse and exciting class focuses on modern and popular, but more technically driven jazz and contemporary styles, which draw considerably upon the technique students have developed in their classical ballet classes. Jazz/Contemporary is an optional class.

Dance Performance Opportunities, Toowoomba


Performance work helps students to develop confidence, team spirit, commitment, leadership qualities…and is a particularly inspirational component of a dance education. And, as our performance classes incorporate genres other than classical ballet, they help to broaden our dancer’s dance repertoire and experience. Performances are an exciting and beneficial aspect of a dance experience and our teams are very highly regarded both locally and in the wider dance community. Garden City Dance is mindful of issues such as age-appropriate costuming, themes and music choices. Similarly, we wish for our dancers to become known not only for their technical and artistic proficiency, but also for their innovative choreography, immaculate grooming and camaraderie. Performance work is open to students by invitation only.

Private coaching delivers tremendous benefits and greatly accelerates a student’s progress. All students 7 years and over may request private tuition but please note, however, that times are very limited and places will be allocated by the Principal – priority will generally be given to those students who will most benefit from these lessons. We offer both technical (eg examination) and performance private tuition. Only currently enrolled students at Garden City Dance are eligible for private coaching.

At Garden City Dance, our focus is on teaching dance as a progressive, structured, beneficial and enjoyable activity, rather than simply offering casual, recreational and periodic classes. We love to see our students gain the most from their time with us, and take great delight in watching our young dancers grow and develop as dancers, and as lovely young people, over time. Accordingly, our programmes are developed to the highest standard with a focus on continuity and long-term involvement.

In some of our more senior levels, a certain level of technical ability may be required in order to work well with your group, but you certainly don’t need to be an elite level dancer in order to join Garden City Dance. We aim to work with our dancers as individuals, to help them to love their dance and to achieve to the best of their individual ability.

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